Nirvana Digital enables content owners to monetize their music and video on premiere Internet, Mobile and Airline channels such as Amazon VOD, Apple iTunes (Music), Apple iTunes (Video), Netflix, Roku, YouTube (Advertising Supported), YouTube (Paid Rentals), HULU, iPad, Android, iPhone, Airtel, Vodafone and more.

Nirvana Digital also enables Rights Management and Anti Piracy on platforms such as YouTube.

Nirvana Digital enables Mobile Monetization, specifically distributing content directly to Global Mobile Operators, Pre-loading on Memory Cards, Pre-loading on Mobile Handsets, Licensing to Mobile Applications, Licensing to WAP portals and premiere mobile TV Networks such as Yamgo.

Nirvana Digital enables direct brand sales through product placements for increased CPMs. We also assist TikTok and Instagram influencers increase monetization via revenue opportunities such as brand partnerships, new platforms like YouTube, merchandise sales and custom branded apps.


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